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Experience You Can Count On

Monitor Consulting Services is a health and occupational hygiene consultancy, with over 40 years experience across a number of industries. We are based in Brisbane and able to provide occupational health and hygiene services nationally and internationally. 


We deliver consulting services in the area of occupational health and hygiene in industry. This includes:

  • Auditing and reviewing of occupational health systems
  • Investigation, monitoring and assessment of past, current or potential adverse health exposures.
  • Development of occupational health and hygiene management systems.
  • Providing workforce and leadership training in occupational health. 
  • Recognised as subject matter experts in the area of heat stress.
  • Extensive experience in occupational exposures in mining, refining and smelting. 

Our Vision  

Monitor Consulting Services has a simple premise that we are passionate about and that is to try and bring solutions to businesses who wish to engage with us to provide a no harm philosophy to the health of their employees.

Our Mission

To offer occupational health and hygiene support and solutions for businesses to ensure better health outcomes and the ongoing long-term wellness of employees. 

Our Values

Monitor Consulting values the continued health and wellness of employees everywhere. Sometimes it is just not enough to arrive home each evening after spending a day at work, it is about longevity and quality of life after working ceases for everyone.

Safety is about working in an environment that allows employees to return home after each work session to their families in one piece. Occupational Hygiene and Health is much more than that. It is about continued good health even when transitioning from a working life to retirement and beyond.

With extended work life years, it is critical for people to be able to continue to function at healthier levels and Monitor Consulting believes in helping businesses achieve this for their employees. 

Our People

Director/Principal Consultant Ross Di Corleto is an occupational health professional and a certified occupational hygienist with a diverse international and professional background across Africa, Europe, Canada, US and Australia. He has provided companies with advice and expertise on occupational health risk management systems and processes including problem solving in existing & potential occupational exposure situations. 

Recognised by the professional community for his ability to review and identify key issues in occupational health systems both globally & regionally. He is an expert in various health related fields including heat stress, exposures in the mining, refining and smelting industries with extensive experience in the management of airborne contaminants.

Ross’s professional career spans 40 years, with 15 years in the power industry sector and more than 25 years in mining, refining and smelting. This has equipped him with a unique understanding of occupational exposure risks and issues associated with the industrial activities across the full spectrum of the resources sector. 

Claire Di Corleto is an Occupational Hygienist who has been working in the fields of Occupational Hygiene and Health and Safety for around seven years in the mining resource sector and she has been involved in safety reporting analysis and the development and maintenance for safety systems. She participated in health and safety investigations which include TapRoot analysis and preparation of final reports.

Claire has also been involved in conducting audits of health and safety systems for a major mining company against Regulatory Standards and codes. 

Claire has designed a respiratory program and has implemented and provided further assistance, with several mining operations in the Central Queensland Coal Fields regarding diesel particulate management, incident investigation and respiratory protection programs.

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Our team has a wealth of experience in the mining, refining and smelting industries. Our certified occupational hygienist and team can help you develop and/or review monitoring plans that best meet your needs and address Regulatory requirements.

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